Pushing Play on Simply Smooth

African Media Entertainment (AME) has a deep history with radio and the business of radio in South Africa. As a company with a keen interest in audio development, AME recognises the power and value of audio. With changes in technology, on-line audio consumption is a growing phenomenon and caters for listeners looking for a specific audio journey both in real time and on-demand.

It is with this backdrop and deep audio roots that the Group CEO, Dave Tiltmann, is pleased to announce the latest innovation in the AME audio stable. Rooted in the international success of the Smooth Radio format, Simply Smooth harnesses AME’s understanding of radio audiences and music as well as embracing the company’s innovation first attitude.

Simply Smooth embraces a wide, yet bespoke, musical data base of contemporary hits spanning the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, contemporary tunes and the magic of the 2000’s! Simply Smooth is a 24/7, always on music companion and is a free to use service. Designed with the listener in mind at every step of the listening process, Simply Smooth aims to take the audience on a digital music experience as the service unfolds over the next few months.

Under the guidance and leadership of Tiltmann the AME Team has harnessed years of radio experience and insight to launch Simply Smooth as a premium music partner to the relaxed South African lifestyle. With local hits interfused with global sounds, Simply Smooth promises audiences a soundtrack that will create new memories while allowing them the opportunity to remember the old ones too!

Understanding technology and consumption, Simply Smooth will stream off and is available to download on Android and Apple.

The listener will be immersed in a musical journey complimented by innovative additions to the experience. From playlists and podcasts to music and memories it is time to push play on Simply Smooth.

For enquiries, please contact Chris Borain at African Media Entertainment,

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