CUT forges collaboration with a key media partner

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 08 February 2018 development of partnerships with the two strategic partners in the Province.

Earlier, CUT signed an Memorandum of Understanding with the Black Management Forum; later with the Central Media Group (CMG) as part of its commitment to building partnerships with various institutions to enable the University to initiate social and technological innovations towards the socio-economic development of the Central Region.

The parties sealed the deal which will focus on a range of joint projects that are aimed at propelling these partnerships forward in terms of advancement of the region; and CUT views CMG as a key media partner to its Vision 2020.

These signing ceremonies are an important course of action for CUT, as they reaffirm its commitment to Vision 2020.  The vision talks about building partnerships to contribute meaningfully to the aspirations of the region in areas of socio-economic development and innovations.

“We view Central Media Group as a key media partner to support our vision in much broader ways than media. We want to make an impact globally; most importantly in the region, and cannot achieve this without partnerships, as we need robust partnerships to help us position and reimagine CUT as a university”, said Prof. Henk de Jager Vice-Chancellor and Principal.

“Gone are the days when people used to refer to us as a Technikon, said Prof de Jager.  He said that the chapter of CUT being referred to as a Technikon must be closed so that communities begin to appreciate “CUT as a fully-fletched university of technology; focusing on innovative problem solving, career directive, academic programmes and leading research programmes and contributing to technological innovations”, he concluded.

Mr Gary Stroebel CEO Central Media Group said that CUT and CMG share a common goal of empowering and uplifting communities. “Our ability to stand together and take on an adventure in our own community is an essential part of our future success. Our role within communities is to empower and uplift the economy. I believe that empowerment and upliftment comes from two vital elements which is education and experience; often education without experience is meaningless and experience without the ability to transcend your immediate experience into another is also sometimes a limiting factor. When these two can come together we create an uproot draft that is able to drive progress,” he said

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